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Instagram Update: Stories and Other Features

As part of the update a new ‘Create’ section will be added to ‘Stories.’ Now if you wish to post a story, you don’t need to upload your photo or video.


Let’s see what possibilities this update gives us.

  1. You can now select animated GIF backgrounds and attach any sticker or text on top.  A suitable GIF can be found using a keyword.
  2. Memories. You can now find and publish a post you created one or more years ago.  You can also go back to your earlier subscriptions and post your memories of it.
  3. Widgets.  Widgets (such as ‘Countdown’, or ‘Questions’) can now be posted without pasting photos or videos.  Just select a suitable widget when creating stories, and one of the standard background options will be selected automatically.

The University of Delhi, which went online since March, plans to open offline classes

University spokesman Rajeev Gupta said that the university is preparing for the phased opening of offline classes.

British students demand lower online tuition fees

More than 3,500 students from Loughborough University have signed a petition calling for the partial refund of their tuition fees. They claim that due to the transfer of classes into online space, their education quality has significantly decreased.

How a school for attention-deficient children in Mumbai is coping with learning in the age of coronavirus

TABIS is designed to teach students who find it difficult to cope with the school environment and social adaptation.  Its Director, Pia Marker, told Financial Express Online about the challenges educators are faced with during the Covid19 pandemic.

Authors of new Wealth-X report reveal where millionaires and world leaders studied

A new Wealth-X report revealed which universities had the most graduates with successful careers and high earnings.

In India, online courses are replacing university degrees for jobseekers

Certified online courses completely replace classical university education. According to experts, some of them may even compete with degrees from Indian universities.

Alibaba invests more than 1,5 billion dollars in an online education start-up

Alibaba, Tiger Global Management, Softbank Vision Fund, FountainVest Partners, and Sequoia Capital China have invested $1.6 billion in Chinese start-up Zuoyebang.  The company offers distance learning for school children.

Remote learning in Turkey extended until January 22nd

Classes will be held online until the end of the semester.

How online education may evolve after the global pandemic

Maxim Spiridonov, the CEO of Netology, one of the largest EdTech companies, said in his statement that education will have to adapt to the new environment and develop original approaches to education and create special platforms to broadcast lessons.

Distance learning has increased teacher workload to critical levels

The extension of the distance learning format in schools in the Novosibirsk region has led to increased teacher workload, according to Deputy Governor Irina Manuilova.

Indian teacher won 1MUSD and donated 500K to colleagues

In December 2020, rural Indian teacher, Ranjit Disali, won the honorary title of “Teacher of the Year”.