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Mila Semeshkina's interview in Business Insider Africa: discussing Lectera's results after the first year of operation

Lectera has recently celebrated its first anniversary! In just over a year, we have managed to achieve incredible results. We now have an annual turnover of $5 million, increasing our number of students to 180,000 individuals from 50 different countries worldwide and conquering Africa's educational market.

In her interview with Business Insider Africa, the founder and CEO of Lectera, Mila Semeshkina, discusses the path that Lectera has taken over the last year and her plans, new opportunities, and methodology.

We've handpicked five interesting facts about Lectera you might not know!

  1. Lectera had always been Mila's dream from an early age. During her student years, she realised that academic knowledge at a university would not really help her build a career. Afterwards, she became very passionate about the concept of developing ​​truly hands-on learning, which would be as close to reality as possible.
  2. The methodology behind her platform is innovative because Mila invented it herself. She has been putting it into practice since her school years. This method helped her enter university at the age of 15 in two related majors simultaneously! Currently, this methodology allows anyone to quickly develop the skills they need.
  3. Apart from the CIS countries, the Lectera platform is extremely popular in Latin America, especially in Mexico! India, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa quickly followed. Many even prefer online courses to traditional university degrees!
  4. Lectera has recently launched several new programmes, including Lectera Corp and Lectera Teens. The former was developed specifically for corporate clients of the platform, while the latter was designed for teenagers and children.
  5. Lectera won the prestigious "Breakthrough Award 2021" in the "Best Lifelong Learning Platform" category. Additionally, Mila Semeshkina was named one of the most promising start-up CEOs according to the International EdTech Awards.

To discover even more interesting information about Lectera, read the full version of Mila Semeshkina's interview for Business Insider Africa by clicking on the link.

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