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Mostourism, Lectera, GeekBrains and Netology: free courses for professionals in the Russian tourism industry

The Moscow City Tourism Committee, together with Russian and international online universities, started an educational program for professionals in the tourism industry in the Russian capital. They have been implementing the new initiative, directed at non-financial support of the tourism industry, since the beginning of April.

Within the program, online educational platforms granted exclusively tourism and hospitality specialists free access with special promotional codes to training courses from their electronic libraries. Without leaving their home the participants can gain new skills in various areas, including marketing, management, sales, the use of digital technologies and others.

For example, until April 30, you can listen to any three online courses from the University of internet professions Netology for free. Netology library users have got the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the fields of change management, digital transformation, design thinking, emotional intelligence and many others. Upon completion of the courses, they will get an electronic certificate. The promotional code is valid for an unlimited number of representatives of the tourism industry.

The GeekBrains portal also joined the educational initiative. Until May 31, it offers an unlimited number of students free access to the new training course “Personal Effectiveness” with a promotional code. The video course, comprising seven lessons, will cover leadership in project management, group dynamics, the secrets of effective self-presentation and stress management, technology for planning and task distribution in project activities.

Furthermore, the GeekBrains portal provided exclusive access to the “Marketing for Entrepreneurs” course to those partners of Mostourism, who participated in the anti-crisis workshop Moscow Travel Hub on March 20. That was a platform created with the support of Mosturism for developing communication and building partnerships among tourism and hospitality industry representatives. The students of the “Marketing for entrepreneurs” course, created specifically for business leaders and start-ups, will get recommendations on promoting a business with limited resources. The Moscow Travel Hub workshop participants can also take a free online course “From an idea to a working business” from the Lectera educational platform. Now the course is available in English and Russian.

For more information about how to get the promotional codes, please visit the website welcome.moscow.

There is a series of anti-crisis educational webinars among other planned initiatives to support the tourism industry in times of crisis. The webinars are created for a wide audience of tourism industry professionals.

In addition, new online formats have been already launched for interaction with representatives of city structures and the tourism sector of foreign countries, letting the rapid exchange of information and develop a collective anti-crisis solution. On March 25, there was the first teleconference, successfully held with representatives of the capital Tourism Committee and the Seoul Tourism Organization, Republic of Korea. The Moscow City Tourism Committee plans to hold in the near future online conferences with representatives of administrations and tourism industry of other countries.

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