My December tradition: old questions and new resolutions for 2022!

December… Gosh! How many meanings this word has! Some people think of presents and rustling wrapping paper, whilst others dream of ice skating and beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

However, for me, I think of year-end results, for it is with the beginning of winter that I start analysing all that I have managed to achieve during the past months. Moreover, since December the 1st is on the calendar, well, it's time to look back and evaluate your success! So, why don't you do it with me? 

To take stock, I always take a notebook and answer five questions in writing. Of course, it takes time. Sometimes I may mull over one answer for days, but the key is making the most of it. So, here are my inmost annual questions: 

  • What have I learnt in the past year?
  • What am I most proud of, and what major victories have I achieved?
  • What challenges have I faced this year?
  • What discoveries have I made for myself?
  • What "extra" things have I done that I could have avoided?

Nevertheless, the most vital question on this list for me this year is the second question about victories. I can answer it right now, without even thinking about it! After all, in 2021, just a few months ago, I launched my career marathon, where I help people build their careers, get a long-awaited promotion, and increase their salaries. It's undoubtedly my greatest achievement not only in the past year but for my whole life, as the marathon has already helped dozens of users realise their goals. Moreover, on December 15th, the third batch of the marathon will finish, which means that even more people will enter 2022 happy and successful! 

The marathon lasts only thirty days, and during that time, we manage to break down the career of each participant: what their vocation is, how they can enjoy their work, how to speed up their career growth, how to make more money, and how to become a market pro. Most of the marathon time I spend on developing a conscious approach to career and goal-setting. By the way, that's another of my December traditions. I set goals for the next year! I now do this with one of the techniques I give in my marathon. 


A new class of the career marathon starts in February, but I suggest you try this goal setting technique right now! It's called the "200 List," and here's how to perform it: 

  1. Take out a blank notebook and play some nice music to get into a state of flow. Allocate two to three free hours for this.
  1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. So analyse where you are now - in your career, personal life, health, etc. Now,  compare that to where you were in January 2021. If you convert your progress into percentages, by how much and in which areas have you grown?
  1. You must now write two hundred goals for the next year at a time. This list is a mega-trainer that helps you focus your attention on the right things. You can divide your goals into sections: career, personal life, health, etc. The imperative thing is to have about the same number of goals in each section.
  1. Make it a habit to look at your list every week throughout the year. Then, reread it and cross off the completed goals. You can put new goals on the list or adjust old ones.
  1. In addition, in the same notebook, you can make a list of sixty books and fifty courses or training sessions that can help you achieve your list's goals. This is also one of the cool techniques of my marathon!

The most vital thing is not to get bogged down sweating over small potatoes! That is the golden rule of success. You must set big goals if you want to achieve great results. What's more, of course, take no less big actions on the way to them! Finally, come to terms with the fact that 2021 is over, and the next year's results depend solely on your willingness to work tirelessly.  In the career marathon that starts again in January, I will help you define your career trajectory and achieve your ultimate goals. So, working together, let's make 2022 the most fabulous year of your life!

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