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Top 6 financial mistakes that will lead to your business collapsing

One of the most common reasons for the failure of business in Russia are all kinds of financial mistakes.  Research shows that the result of these errors means that for every new start-up, two existing companies go out of business.  Indeed, whilst the statistics are telling, it’s possible to turn  the situation around if you know what you’re dealing with.

Skills for today’s workplace, or What you should learn to stand out to recruiters

‘Stress-resistant’ and ‘sociable’ people no longer get hired. Or rather, people who don’t know how to write about their personal and professional qualities in their resume, or refuse to learn the necessary skills for today’s workplace, don’t get hired. After all, modern problems can only be matched with modern solutions.

Ready to launch your business? Stop and ask yourself these questions

Picture this: you’re speeding down a highway at night, buzzing by the idea of opening your own Italian restaurant. You’re a highly proficient accountant, and your friend in the seat next to you is a chef with 10 years of experience. Your brother, an estate agent, has promised to find you the perfect location in the city centre, for a reasonable price, and in your mind you’ve already decided to quit your job and you’re already rehearsing your resignation speech to your Boss.

Monetize it: a few ways of making money on what you know how to do

If, perhaps, it was not obvious, when we were at school, getting older we understand that we cannot do without learning. It is knowledge that gives us a potential opportunity to improve our lives.

Social media promotion: step-by-step instructions

Social media are an excellent tool to promote a business. When used correctly, it can considerably increase the recognizability of your company and create a favorable brand impression among users.

I haven’t read it, but I condemn it: how to handle negative reviews on the Internet

The possibility of openly expressing your opinion along with a great number of technologies and tools making it possible to do it quickly and conveniently has in recent years significantly spurred the practice of posting reviews and comments about a product or service.