Digital marketing

Digital marketing

In our 'Digital marketing' section we will share insights on digital trends that will help you build a successful digital marketing strategy. Today, the online environment is changing with the speed of 5G - we will keep you informed on the key trends in this area, becoming your main point of reference in the changing digital world.

What is lead generation? Why you should use it, and how to do it

What is lead generation? Why you should use it, and how to do it

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that involves collecting contacts of leads, potential customers and working with them.

SMM Trends for 2021: make your advertising more effective

SMM Trends for 2021: make your advertising more effective

You've probably done this: installed an ad blocker on your computer, hung up on salespeople, and tossed advertising flyers into a bin. Unfortunately, people no longer want to waste their time watching ads.

How Facebook ads work and how to pay for them

How Facebook ads work and how to pay for them

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. Even in countries where Facebook isn't as popular as other social media networks (for example, Russia), it still remains a universal channel for product promotion.

Оnline Networking Made Easy! How to Find and Establish New Contacts on Facebook и LinkedIn

Instagram courses, numerous articles on a thousand and one websites and printed books refer to networking as ‘the king of work situations’ and ‘the only tool you need to build a dizzying career’.

Instagram business account: how to manage and why?

Instagram is a chance to give a second wind to your business, if not the first! After all, even without having your website, you can develop and sell with the help of Instagram.

Is online marketing for offline businesses overkill? No, it’s a necessity!

You may think that online promotion for offline businesses is a waste of time and money. However, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have long been part of everyday life for most of us, with new users popping up every year.

The top five email marketing practices

Email marketing is the strategy of choice for more than 84% of marketers looking to generate a steady stream of customers and increase sales in their business.

What the Clubhouse social media app is, how you can get an invite and who to subscribe to in the first place

Lately, the voice-based social networking app Clubhouse has become one of the most talked about on the market. It literally exploded! This network is invitation-only, with all communication carried out solely by voice.

Personal brand on Clubhouse: build, promote, monetise

Clubhouse is all over the internet these days and no wonder! After all, it’s the first audio social media similar to Instagram and Twitter, but with a messengers’ functionality and a focus on verbal communication.

Educational Clubhouse: how to register, who to follow and listen to in the new social network

Clubhouse is a voice-based social network launched in 2020. Even though in April the service will be a year old, it gained popularity just a few days ago, mostly thanks to Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, who joined the program.

What is email marketing and why do you need it?

Email marketing is the distribution of emails to your company’s clients, and one of the cheapest and most effective ways of promoting your business. With this technique, you can boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and find an easier way to stay connected to your clients.

How to write content strategy for a YouTube channel

Before you start your video blog, you need to understand which direction to move in and what actions you need to take. You achieve this by creating your content strategy. Your content strategy is a kind of road map that you can follow without losing sight of your final goal.

How to write a script for a video

A script is as vital an element of a video as a good camera, correctly exposed lighting and a good location for shooting.