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Digital marketing

In our 'Digital marketing' section we will share insights on digital trends that will help you build a successful digital marketing strategy. Today, the online environment is changing with the speed of 5G - we will keep you informed on the key trends in this area, becoming your main point of reference in the changing digital world.

What is email marketing and why do you need it?

Email marketing is the distribution of emails to your company’s clients, and one of the cheapest and most effective ways of promoting your business. With this technique, you can boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and find an easier way to stay connected to your clients.

The secrets to creating high-quality content, or How can you make your blog interesting?

Every blogger strives to attract as many people as possible to their platform. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing that you spend a lot of time every day to create the best and most interesting content. But it’s no secret that the Internet is overflowing with information. It’s not easy to be noticed!

Short-term prospects for digital marketing: what to prepare for this year

There’s a new trend gaining traction in the marketing departments of major corporations - transitioning to digital communications on all management levels.

How can you use social networks to develop your business? Complete step-by-step guide

What sets successful companies apart from unsuccessful ones? Market leaders take advantage of all opportunities to promote their products. The XXI century marks the era of information technologies, so it would certainly be unwise to ignore this resource.

Is TikTok a viral application or a killer of YouTube and Instagram?

There are virtually no people, who haven't heard in 2019 of TikTok in one way or another. The service was launched in 2018, gaining 500 million subscribers during the 24 months of its existence.