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University life after the pandemic
The international learning platform Lectera has launched a module for corporate clients
An Alternative to Zoom Universities: Blended Learning Method

An Alternative to Zoom Universities: Blended Learning Method

Despite the aspirations of the leaders of higher education, most US colleges do not plan to reopen in the coming fall. Although initially educational institutions did want to return to the standard in-person teaching regime in coming September, now only 24% are ready to do this.

International students will be able to get a US student visa even if their universities switch to online education

International students will be able to get a US student visa even if their universities switch to online education

In early July, the US government directed nonimmigrant international students to leave the country if their colleges switched to online education.

In the US, students will continue to study online

In the US, students will continue to study online

The coronavirus epidemic is not slowing down in the US and that means that colleges and universities will continue to teach students remotely. So, 46% of colleges plan to conduct classes online. The most prestigious schools in the country, such as Harvard, are switching to distance learning as well.

EdTech Startup Launches Worldwide

June 18, 2020 – The international educational online platform starts operation in four languages since today.

To The International Day for Protection of Children: how to love learning since childhood

Today is The International Day for Protection of Children, which is a reason to remind us that we once were children ourselves. That means each of us could dream, loved to play, and had to study a lot. You should agree it could be wonderful if studying were always fun and helped us to realize our dreams! But it is not that hard if you know and use the right strategies. The Lectera team has put together such strategies for those who remember their school days and want to make studying a joy for their children.

Mostourism, Lectera, GeekBrains and Netology: free courses for professionals in the Russian tourism industry

The Moscow City Tourism Committee, together with Russian and international online universities, started an educational program for professionals in the tourism industry in the Russian capital. They have been implementing the new initiative, directed at non-financial support of the tourism industry, since the beginning of April.

What were the most popular courses at Coursera in 2019?

The courses on machine learning, data analysis, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) were of  the most interest to users.  Coursera experts explain that this as a result of a growing desire for people to acquire new technical skills because they fear losing their jobs due to automation.

Instagram starts testing removing likes around the world

The new feature was first piloted in several countries, and it has since been extended to include a global reach.

What will change on Youtube from December 10, 2019?

Very recently, Youtube has published new conditions for using the service.  This is happening because Youtube has changed the service provider to Google LLC.

Instagram Update: Stories and Other Features

As part of the update a new ‘Create’ section will be added to ‘Stories.’ Now if you wish to post a story, you don’t need to upload your photo or video.

Instagram will no longer let you track the actions of people you follow

Instagram is finally getting rid of its controversial ‘Following’ tab. In the past, this tab could be used to track the actions of the people you followed: their likes, comments, new subscriptions, etc. Many people used this feature to spy on their partners.

Podcasting: A Media Product Making Millions

Podcasts are audio tracks of discussions on specific topics.  They can be listened to using special mobile applications, on YouTube or music platforms.

Netology to Invest up to $ 10 Million in Education Startups

Netology is planning to launch an accelerator to help emerging EdTech projects. 10 to 15 companies will receive up to $ 10 million in total by transferring from 30% to 60% of their shares to Netology.