In our 'Sales' section, we review the latest trends, analyze successful case studies from around the globe, and show how modern technologies can be applied to automate routine tasks, boost average sales and increase margins. You will find scores of useful lifehacks, important industry studies, and helpful checklists that will define your sales success.

10 books that will teach you to sell

If you’re already working in sales or only considering it, it’s time to update your library. Here at Lectera, we’ve put together a list of the ‘Top 10 best books on sales and negotiations’ that’ll improve your skills and boost personal efficiency. Most of these books are written by practical experts from whom you can learn a lot from.

Practicality, localization, multi-lingualism - secrets of successful business promotion abroad

Let's say you have a cool idea that can bring in huge profits in the long run, especially if you enter the European or the American markets. Or you have successfully worked in Russia for several years now and have decided to scale up abroad. An excellent plan and a praiseworthy desire in terms of earnings! But you certainly realize that promotion of your product or service in a foreign market is sure to have its own specifics, don’t you?

Test: Red, blue, yellow, green

Forewarned is forearmed! Understanding yourself and your personal motivation is the key to personal and business success. Take our straightforward test to find out your personality type and your strengths and weaknesses. Awareness of the different personality types will also help you to effectively work and communicate with others - friends, partners, colleagues and clients.

‘Chatbot:’ A Great Business Assistant!

In order for a business to grow efficiently, consumers are needed, and consumers, of course, don’t come on a plate, they have to be won.

How to create your own chatbot

Under the constant pressure of work and multitasking, chatbots have become an essential part of our everyday lives. These are virtual robots, programs with bright interfaces that can easily handle various tasks just as well as humans.