In our 'Sales' section, we review the latest trends, analyze successful case studies from around the globe, and show how modern technologies can be applied to automate routine tasks, boost average sales and increase margins. You will find scores of useful lifehacks, important industry studies, and helpful checklists that will define your sales success.

The psychology of selling. How to find an approach to any client
Telemarketing: talking to customers on the phone so they buy the product
Check if you can write a cold letter that will attract 10 thousand new customers!

Check if you can write a cold letter that will attract 10 thousand new customers!

Do you want to attract new customers and increase your average check? Use email marketing opportunities to your advantage! Cold letters (sent to an audience that doesn’t know anything about your product yet) will help tell new potential buyers about your company.

10 life hacks with which you can sell anything to anyone

10 life hacks with which you can sell anything to anyone

Successful sales are between science and art. To be able to close a sale requires an in-demand product, a proficient marketing campaign, knowledge of psychology, and much more.

The top 5 most effective sales techniques

The top 5 most effective sales techniques

A sales technique is a shortcut for getting a customer to make a purchase. After all, effective sales techniques influence the buyer’s subconscious and leave them no option but to buy the product!

A win-win method to increase sales with NLP

NLP, or neurolinguistic programming, is a branch of psychology that is based on the subjectivity of reality and how it depends on the beliefs of a person, his values, and his perception of what is happening.

Five life hacks that will help you close any deal

A deal can still fail even if a seller has answered all of a customer's questions, closed all objections, and made compelling arguments. Why? Because the seller did not close the deal.

The Five Sales Stages for the Development of Sales Managers

Sales milestones, or stages, are a scheme commonly used to train sales managers. The breakdown into stages is needed to make it easier to understand what problems arise and what skills the salesperson needs to improve.

Is sales management right for you? Try selling your pen to our artificial intelligence and find out the answer!

A sales manager is someone who can sell anything to anyone. Are you looking for a new profession or a part-time job? Find out if you could be a sales manager. Please take our quick quiz and get personal recommendations from Lectera’s experts.

Seven life-hacks from sales psychology that will help you find your way to the buyer

Emotions control people far more than we like to think. And that is true for customers too - they often buy impulsively, driven by certain feelings and stimuli. A salesperson should take this into account in their work.

The five best sales techniques for expensive products

As a rule, most people do not trust salespersons – too many offers, too many false promises, and eventually people stop believing them.

A complete guide to automated sales funnels: what they are and how to create them

Ever dreamed of having your business do all the work for you, 24/7?

What to look for to please a customer

There are two participants in the negotiations: you and your client. A skilled negotiator can influence the outcome of the negotiations by saying the right things and providing accurate facts, and by offering a good discount to the buyer, etc.

Perfect Sales: How to Ask the Right Questions to the Customer

A good sales manager is both a marketer and a psychologist rolled into one. They should be a versatile fighter who knows how to establish contact with the potential customer, identify their needs, present the product in a good light, and direct the conversation towards closing the deal.

The four areas of development to improve your sales

Everyone wants to sell more, but the market is overrun with a broad range of selling techniques, which is baffling for most of us.