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In this section we share ways to build healthy habits, review time management tools, and find out how our brain works and how we can use its full potential for effective learning. In short, we show you how you can make the most of your body's resources and direct them towards improving yourself. Each article in the 'Self-improvement' section is not just a text, but a guide to action filled with detailed instructions.

Seven tips to help you remain in demand as a sought-after specialist in the labour market

Recent studies by Harvard Business Review and Deloitte have shown that the knowledge that a student now gets at university becomes outdated after just five years.  Moreover, according to LinkedIn statistics, most of the 20 fastest growing jobs appeared less than five years ago.

Learning at Different Ages: from Childhood to Adulthood

We absorb new information in different ways at different ages. Learning depends upon both the state of our health status, brain activity, and also our psychological state of mind. Then there’s the widely held misconception that adults have more trouble learning than children, and older people learn with more difficulty than adults.

16 Online Services to Improve Yourself and Your Mind

Technologies, gadgets and the Internet are not evil if you know how to use them properly. Today, we spend most of our time staring at the screens of our smartphones, or other digital devices. Since these technologies aren’t going anywhere, it’s high time we changed our attitude and started making the most of our smart devices and our time spent online.

Answer these questions to become better with every day

To follow the right path in life, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Even Voltaire believed that people could be judged by the questions they asked rather than their answers. This approach is still relevant today, hundreds of years later. Questions inspire self-reflection, open you to unexpected discoveries and can even serve as a substitute for therapy.

8 reasons to study online

If you are interested in complex or obscure topics, your chances of finding relevant courses at an online university are much higher than at traditional universities or colleges.

Knowledge is power, or How to find time to study as an adult

If education still evokes images of school and university that requires a lot of time (and only while you’re still young and free of responsibilities), it’s time to destroy this stereotype once and for all! Thankfully, the world is moving forward, and traditional educational institutions are no longer the only option for people who want to learn something new or develop their professional skills.

The limits of perfection, or Why perfectionism is dangerous

Five or seven years ago, perfectionism was in. The word had just made it into the vocabulary of the cool crowd, so if your eye started twitching when you saw a photo of floor tiles that were poorly aligned, people nodded understandingly and proclaimed you were a ‘Perfectionist!’