In this section we share ways to build healthy habits, review time management tools, and find out how our brain works and how we can use its full potential for effective learning. In short, we show you how you can make the most of your body's resources and direct them towards improving yourself. Each article in the 'Self-improvement' section is not just a text, but a guide to action filled with detailed instructions.

5 useful things to do during the New Year holidays!
The personality types according to the Belbin Team Model
6 ways to incorporate mindfulness

6 ways to incorporate mindfulness

In today's modern world, everybody is in a rush: some hurry to build a career. Someone else out there is starting a family. Others are learning seven foreign languages ​​and moving to the country of their dreams.

4 challenges facing education in the future

4 challenges facing education in the future

The educational world, both schools and universities, was forced to undergo total digitalization because of Covid-19 in 2020.

The Peter Principle: Why is it dangerous and how can you prevent it from ruining your career?

The Peter Principle: Why is it dangerous and how can you prevent it from ruining your career?

Back in the middle of the last century, Canadian educator Lawrence Peter tried to give a witty answer to the question: "Why are we surrounded by incompetent people?".

Which foreign languages should you learn in order to find an international job?

A foreign language is essential to take your career to the next level. The benefits of studying one are obvious in some professions, while it is less obvious in others.

What does education look like around the world?

There is a saying, “Every house has its own noise,” and it also applies to education.

Why does a person need education in the 21st century?

The demand for higher education has experienced unprecedented growth in the 21st century. What is higher education? Is it a fashionable trend or is higher education crucial for a modern person?

Who will NOT be able to change jobs after 50 years old?

Employment is always difficult, and employment after fifty is doubly difficult.

Five important innovations in teaching methods

The conditions of teaching, and the technology that we use, have changed. So why should we continue to teach the same way that we did 10 years ago? Of course we shouldn't! The best educational institutions in the world are changing their approach to education and are beginning to apply new methodologies.

Burned out at school. What is burnout and how can you prevent it?

Students often find themselves in stressful situations, such as moving to another city and taking exams. Prolonged stress inevitably leads to burnout.

How to hack your memory and remember everything in the world

Human memory is an amazing thing! We may remember which cartoon we watched at a kindergarten party, but we easily forget what we read about only yesterday.

Test: The right career choice

Decide on a career development plan!

Complete the job search quiz to discover how to get your dream job following graduation!

A job search may be intimidating not only for a university graduate but also for a professional who has changed jobs many times. Are you ready to start searching for job vacancies right away after graduating? Take our quiz and discover whether success is waiting for you in the job market!