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How the pandemic revealed Japan’s antiquated online education sector
Covid19 classes: how lessons are taught in Europe during the pandemic
Children’s reaction to quarantine: trepidation and nervousness

Children’s reaction to quarantine: trepidation and nervousness

Due to the ongoing pandemic, children across the globe have once again returned to remote learning.

China’s experiments: lessons on the web

China’s experiments: lessons on the web

China has launched one of the most extensive educational experiments in the world.  Due to the pandemic, universities and schools have entirely switched to a remote learning format.

Online education is evolving and needs regulation

Online education is evolving and needs regulation

According to the latest data, the online education market in 2019 amounted to a record $205 billion. However, according to experts' forecasts, there is more to come: this amount may grow to $282 billion by 2023.

Studying in Germany during the pandemic

The German universities will hold the 2020/2021 academic year in hybrid form. Now we will tell you more about what this means and how difficult it was to enter a university during the pandemic.

The L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU) presents a subject collection “Online education during a pandemic”

In such a difficult period of public life as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan managed to create a pedagogical community to select learning strategies for the new year.

Virtual Cambridge

Cambridge has become the first university in Britain to announce all lectures are moving online for the entire academic year. 

Fake Learning: How the Pandemic Revealed the Problems of Online Schools 

In spring 2020, schools and universities had to switch to distance learning.

Schoolchildren Have Been Subscribed to the Online Library

The Russian Zoom project for schoolchildren will be supplemented with a digital library with all the materials required for learning any school subject. 

School in a Smartphone: How Technologies Are Changing Education in Ukraine

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many unexpected changes to the academic year.

US teachers carry coffins in protest

Teachers in New York are protesting against schools reopening. They consider such a decision premature as the level of coronavirus infection in the city remains too high.

An Article from Mila Semeshkina in Psychologies: The 5 rules of how to fall in love with learning and stay motivated

In her article for Psychologies, Lectera founder and CEO Mila Semeshkina describes in five ways how she has managed to achieve this.

A Dublin-based teacher offers online outdoor classes in order to reduce levels of stress in students

Classes at online universities offer outdoor activities. This also aims to reduce student stress levels.

Canterbury University Launches Free Online Courses

The University of Canterbury is joining the edX global online learning platform from November 2020 as a course author.